Welcome to my site. This is where I’ll be hosting and posting my work from now on. I know I’m a small voice in all this, but I hope I can bring a bit of sanity to the madness, and help us all find a way out of this Orwellian hell hole

Many like me are scared right now, and understandably so – the quiet little lives they had built for themselves has largely fallen apart around them.

Negotiating a way through this crisis will be exceptionally difficult given our small number, against the aggressive, significantly larger and exceptionally well funded TRA narrative.

There is a way through this, but it can only work as part of wider impetus to dismantle the machinations of patriarchy…………one can only hope we, as a species, can pull ourselves together in time…..can we surpass ourselves? Will there be the collective awakening we so desperately need?……let’s fucking hope so, eh!


I’m a transsexual male trying to figure this world out. I thought I had it for a while there; sadly, not to be.

I got involved in the whole trans/gender debate in October ’17, and have become increasingly dismayed at the state humans are currently in. I am horrified by the actions of the trans-activists who have subsumed transsexuals into their toxic umbrella, and now threaten women and their spaces, all the while seeking to erase us.

Something has to be done: we cannot allow society to fall prey to the progressive sounding propaganda coming from the trans-activists. So, this little blog post is my attempt to stem the progressive “Woke” flow, and see if we can’t return a bit of sanity to the whole affair……..here’s hoping….

The Chronicles of Seven