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(originally posted on Twitter 13/07/18)

OK, I’m actually gonna take time to respond to this……even though I’m not a “terf”, I am “truscum” [nice] though…so, I’m sure I can offer something….

Firstly, turns out it was more than ‘a question’…..just sayin…

(link: https://twitter.com/ItsYaGurlGa…/status/1017091897943379972…twitter.com/ItsYaGurlGabby

The “end goal” is a society free from the constraints of patriarchy and gender. A society where, regardless of your sex, you are free to express yourself as you please; pursue any ambition you want, all free from discrimination and harassment. A society where women and girls no longer face oppression, are no longer at risk of sex based violence, and have full control of their reproductive rights.

There is a toxic masculinity pervasive throughout society, and it harms men too – the people you describe as terfs see this all too well, and have been trying to point this out the whole time! Why can’t a man put on a dress, heels, grow his hair, put on makeup, and still be a man? Why can’t a woman put on a suit and tie, Masculine shoes, have short hair, no makeup, and still be a woman?

As for transsexuals, the gender critical feminists [that’s the ones you call “terfs”] are some of our biggest allies! They’ve always understood there is a tiny number for whom the incongruence [with physical sex] is so bad, they go through everything up to AND INCLUDING surgery [where/when possible] to alleviate the distress – with those who did receiving an almost ‘honorary’, though understandably not full, place among them [women] – of course, there are/were always those who’ll never be “convinced”, as it were, that’s life. The problem is, that acceptance is all but ruined thanks to demands and actions of the trans-activists, motivated by a powerful Trans-Lobby, utilising an insidious gender ideology. But more importantly, Self ID [their goal] poses a massive risk to the hard won rights of women to protect themselves as a class.

It’s interesting to note: many transsexuals are opposed to Self ID – It feels right, and warm, and inclusive, but make no mistake, it’s a hegemonic invasion of women!

No, they don’t want concentration camps. They want feminine men to be comfortable that

they are men; for masculine women to be comfortable that they are women, free from any “social pressures” associated with their sex.

No, they don’t want anyone “killed off”, but on that note, the direction of traffic of death and/or rape threats is all one way – this cannot be denied, and the trans-activists are the guilty party.

You be honest, the people at risk here are women, with lesbians facing a particularly nasty onslaught: being coerced into accepting penis else they be labelled as hateful, bigoted, and transphobic.

Look, I’m transsexual, and right now, the only threat I’m feeling towards my existence is coming from the actions, demands and behaviours of the trans-activists, not from the gender critical feminists….ye know, the people you call terfs….

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