You’re All Fucking Mental!

I wish you could see what I see. As a young child I remember being in awe of the world around me…..I saw a beautiful world; a world full of wonder and I wanted to explore it, then explore beyond…..
As I grew, though, the world became an increasingly dark and hostile place, and for reasons that to this day, I simply do not understand…

As a child you’re new to the world, and you rely on the adults in your life to guide you, and you believe what they tell you about how the world works, why it is the way it is, and where it all came from…..this of course, is a mistake you don’t even realise you’re making at the time.

I came to realise that as a species, humans are incredibly stupid: you divide yourselves along so many lines…you’re actually encouraged not to like one another, over the dumbest of stuff. I mean, from even before you’re born, the dividing begins.

I’m gonna start with religion here; it can be a sensitive one for some, and I struggle to be sensitive about it…..for the record: I don’t really understand why religion is still an actual thing; though, that doesn’t necessarily include all “spiritual(ity) teaching(s)”, or even necessarily a belief in god(s)….
I had the whole Catholic/Protestant thing to deal with…… So, up the road from my primary school, was a Protestant school, and the kids there were different from us, for some reason. I mean, they read the same bible, said many of the same prayers; they went to church the same day as us, they sang most of the same hymns, had the same celebrations, at the same time of year; the god is the same, and as best as I’ve been able to figure out, the only real thing they disagree on, is how to believe in this god…..people have died over this shit…a lot of people, on all sides……it’s fucking madness! I mean, seriously? How fucking ridiculous do you need to be, to kill each other over how to worship the Same Fucking God?
What do they think’s going on here? This god, sitting on his celestial throne, looking down upon us, nudges Jesus and says, “Ha! have you seen this?….they’re killing each other; brilliant! Who do you think’ll win?”….[they both laugh]’….

Oh, but wait for it, it gets even better, see then you learn there are Jews, and Jesus was actually one of them…..and then Muslims…..and guess what, they believe in this same god too – like, the exact same one – and you’ll never believe it: they’re also at it! they’re all at!……fighting with and within each other….all fighting over who believes in the same god better….or more rightly…or something……it’s fucking lunacy…….and it’s there with you, from before the day you really begin to get grips with the world around you.

But it doesn’t end there! No, no! There’s a multitude of other religions out there to chose from….. And let’s not forget the dead religions; fuck! how many are, and were, there?……They Cannot All Be Right… any of them? I mean, where to begin?……of Christianity alone there’s what? some 38,000+ denominations….. Judaism and Islam have their own denominations……Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism….are any of them “One Thing”?…No! No they aren’t…..

My view? If there is a god(s), then our paths to said god(s) is our own to find. Why on Earth would you allow your views and opinions to be delivered to you by a guy, in a frock, from a pulpit; based on their interpretation of a book with plot holes so big we can fit entire museums through them…. Religion, as far as I’m concerned, is simply the earliest form of social control. Before we had TV and social media and global connectivity, how do you think those in power imposed their will on the masses? Be able to Justify their wars and crusades, and provide a narrative that allows them to silence/kill dissent or questioning voices – denouncing them as heretics and turning entire communities against one another, should the need or desire arise?…….

The Religions have seized control over, and monopolised human spirituality to its own ends. It creates and fosters a perpetual climate of fear in its adherents, but fear of what? What some book says in it? or interpretation thereof? Some “hereafter” so full of neverending misery and despair, you would accept the dictats, decrees, and the egregious excesses of those who claim the authority of the god(s) they’re pushing…?
Religion not only took control of spirituality, it also claimed authority on truth. Of course, this has the rather frustrating tendancy to inhibit free enquiry – since anyone claiming truth, especially demonstrable truth, that contradicts dogma, becomes a threat; their problem now, being, that it’s no longer so easy to silence that threat with death…..well, in some places, in others it can still get you killed….fucking mental!
But the thing is, they don’t even live up to their own standards! Not even nearly! Time and time again we find religious figures/leaders/institutions around the world espousing “virtue and righteousness”, only to be later discovered embroiled in scandal – oftentimes of a horrific nature….

But why?….who is it claiming to have this “Authority of [the] God(s)”? Why do they think they have it? and more importantly, why do people agree with them that they do have it?……I just don’t get it…..I mean, let’s face it, given the reign the Religions have, and have had, they’ve made spectactular, outrageous, and all too often disgraceful and disgusting “errors in judgement” throughout the eons, and they still do: why is anyone still listening? Why do people who consider their soul to be precious, hand it over so willingly to these charlatans…..and they are ALL charlatans…… priests/ministers/rabbis/imams, the lot, not one of them is any closer to “God(s)” than you or me, why do you give these people your time and money? Baffles the life out of me!

Religion is an unnatural human divide, but it’s a fucking deep one. But who really benefits from it? Those in power of course. If ever they need or want something done, it’s always useful to those in power to have divisions to push: this can be done as a distraction, or for far more sinister agendas and objectives. People’s minds are pulled and pushed around in myriad ways, and they don’t even realise it’s happening..

Then there’s race, another fucking ridiculous division you’ve managed to allow come between you. Because people are born, or otherwise have heritage of, somewhere else on this clearly godforsaken ball of rock, and subsequently look a bit different, they are different; it doesn’t seem to register that given these differences don’t prevent successful mating, you’re probably far more alike than different – turns out massively so…….you idiots! And then you learn that because some people look different they were, and are, treated differently – less favourably – than others, who have some preferred superficial physical characteristic…why? because you’re told to, that’s why……and you humans are intellectually fucking lazy!……so you do what you’re told; besides, it turns out it’s remarkably easy to foster superiority complexes among you….

How is it you’re able to look at another human being, and just because their skin is a different colour, you think of them as “less” than you? I don’t get it: it makes no sense at all! We are one species – what is wrong with you?

But where does racism come from? Where are it’s origins? Well, the bible seems to get used to justify much of it, particularly in America, but here in the UK too.

And it doesn’t end there; you isolate groups and ‘other’ them, over stupid stuff, including but not limited: sexuality, politics, disability, hair colour [red-heads], handedness, fatness, thinness, football teams, dress style…..and on and on….it seems that when you see a difference, you automatically think ‘division’ rather than ‘diverse’…..but again, a society that views each other with suspicion and derision, benefits the powers that be: while everyone is so focused on those around them, they’re not really paying attention to what the powers are really up to, and as I said, whenever there’s a distraction needed, a division can be pushed: it ties up public conscience and discourse; often creates an “enemy”, and can be used to manipulate public opinion to justify sinister endeavours…

Which brings us to the widest, most deeply entrenched, longest standing, and most damaging division of them all: sex. Right now the division of the sexes, along with race and religion, is being pushed extraordinarily hard right now, which makes me wonder what it is the powers are really up to…it’s almost like they’re going for maximum distraction: they seem to really want academics, feminists [2nd & 4th waves/Radical], the intelligencia and other social thinkers swamped and tied in knots.

I’ve said before I find sexism truly bizarre. The way I see it, women and men are supposed to get along. Surely the sexes are supposed to complement one another? How can an allegedly “Intelligent” species be so stupid to supress the presence, efforts, and achievements of HALF [give or take] its population? It really doesn’t make sense AT ALL!!…….. I mean, how on Earth do you expect to truly surpass yourselves? And to any men reading this, men who pride themselves on being the “rational ones”, and believe themselves to be all logical and stuff: does it make sense to you?
I remember when I first encountered the word ‘Feminism’ and read its definition – which went along the lines of [paraphrasing] “the movement for women’s social, economic and political equality with men” – and at first I was stumped, I’ll admit. Why isn’t that already the case? Why do we need a word for this? For me, equality of the sexes was, is, a no brainer….so why is it this is still an issue? It makes no sense.

Surely it doesn’t take much thinking to realise that if both sexes are pushed to excel, future generations will be excellent…..or is that really too much of a stretch for some people?

But no, for revery advance that feminists made, the system fought back, and now women find themselves in a very precarious situtation. Around the world, women’s rights are being rolled back – from abortion bans to the attack on the very definition of ‘woman’, the political landscape for women looks bleak…..something needs done to address this!

But where does sexism come from? How is it justified? Well, a substantially large part of that is, guess what, religion. Religious texts have always been used to justify the subjugation of women, as some sort of god given right. “Holy” texts, written by men for men, and their damaging dogmas and ideas, have been allowed to flourish in societies around the world for far too long! For some reason, everyone just goes along with them….even today, in what is the 21st Century……it is truly bizarre.
I was born in 1980, but in terms of how long humans have been around, it’s actually probably closer to 276,980…..and by the time I come along, human adults are still buying into, and wholeheartedly believing in, these fairy tales pushed as truth, that are “Holy” texts…… How is it, by the time I come along in the human story, problems of sexism and racism are still rampant? Why have these problems not been resolved already? What the fuck is wrong with you all?!

Why do you continue to allow yourselves to be convinced of such stupidity? And let’s face it, the stupid out there is incredible; from flat earthers, through young earth creationists, to anti-vaxxers, you can be convinced of any old shite. And then you pass this nonsense on to your kids, who believe you because you’re an adult….

It’s madness; my whole life I’ve sat back and wondered what the fuck is going….”What the fuck is wrong with people?” is a phrase I use many many times, each and every day I’m confronted by you stupid fuckers.

The truth is, you’ll never smash Patriarchy until the religions fall. While religious institutions still have political influence, the Patriarchy will stand. Religious institutions have influence over education, health, and law and order via mandatory representation on Education Authorities, to a bunch of enelected bishops sitting in the House of Lords! And that’s here in the UK; I don’t even want to begin unpicking the religious interference in US politics…..bloody hell…

I simply do not understand how it is that the major religions still hold so much power? Religious institutions have been responsible for some of the most divisive rhetoric out there: against women, against homosexuals, against other religions…..what have they actually achieved in the thousands of years you’ve given them authority over you? How many more are you actually going to give them before you accept they are responsible for many of humanities darkest moments, and continue to be – with child sex abuse rife across many religions, the recent disclosure of the sexual abuse of nuns in the Catholic Church (how the Catholic Church still stands both amazes and horrifies me); their control and subjugation of women throughout the ages; I simply don’t understand why people still give them the credence they need to continue what they’re doing. When will people take a step back and recognise it for the obvious nonsense it is?

But of course, it’s not just religion now is it? For many now, it’s not the pulpit they get their opinions from, it’s the constant stream of propaganda you call “News”, served up as daily doses of “Here’s what we want [need?] you to think today”; bulletins via print media and television – including entire channels – all playing out the necessary narrative to make sure you be the good citizens they need you to be, by not really paying attention, and swallowing whatever bullshit they feed you.

Look, you all share this world, and you only have this one, yet the rate at which you’re killing it is frightening, and people out there don’t believe it’s happening. Not only do you consume the planets resources with no concern for it’s impact, you have allowed corporations to “take ownership” of these resources and actually charge you for them….I’ve often wondered whether ALL this is just for some bet, to see if they could actually find a way to ultimately charge you for the air you breath….

So How? How can it be that a species with so much potential, can allow itself to be sheperded into so many pens/boxes/whatever, that you feel so distant from one another to the extent you exert anything up to and including lethal force against others, in other boxes…… How have you become so apathetic to the natural word around you, that you’ll allow corporations and governments destroy it with impunity, and ultimately CHARGE people who take action to protect it?

Is it any wonder I’m a misanthrope? Allbeit one with a sunny disposition…..

Crash the Fucking System!

So, I put this up on twitter, sometime last year before I got banned, and I was super high at the time…..yeah……enjoy the shit that I put up with, that passes through my mind almost endlessly every day…

Ye know, it’s doable….. #smashthepatriarchy…if you reeaally wanna do it, it can be done…would take widespre…well Global really, participation….or lack thereof…Wouldn’t take that long either: could be done in a week, I reckon; possibly less than…
It’d be a specific week, right enough…well, one of two – I’m not best placed to decide…
You’d need to be prepared though; some planning will be needed.

The next best opportunitieswill be week commencing 25th March 2019, or week commencing 1st April 2019. For 1 week, DO NOT spend a penny; DO NOT go to work. If you’re on minimum wage or a zero hour contract; if you’re stressed out because your useless manager, only there because they’re either part of an “office clique”, or a useful idiot to someone else, then take a week off – do nothing; or get to know your neighbours.
If you’re tired of what the political establishments of the world do, with their war games costing real lives, serving only as a means to “secure resources”, while they consume your wealth, kick back, you take the week off too.
Stop being a cog in their fucked up machine for a bit….what are they going to do? Send in the police to drag you all out your homes to get to work? The Army? Seriously? What if they say no? What if they take the week off too? What happens when the police officers take a step back, and realise they’re not protecting their communities at all, they “manage them” – they’re protecting the corporate and political elite? What did the child in many, I’d imagine, think it was going to be like?
Sack you from your jobs? Where do they then get their replacement “labour”? Everyone else who took part…! Will power then not return to the people?

There is of course inherent risks – I’d rather not put some ideas in peoples’ heads; but for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothingMaybe it’s time to put “Good Men” on the spot a bit….

It is conceptually easy but…..

What is “Trans”?

(originally posted on Twitter 11/10/18)

Is it just me, or is “trans” now pretty much devoid of meaning? When I started my transition, as far I was concerned, it was transsexuals who got to use “trans”… look at it! Look at the state of this umbrella! It’s a fucking riot!

As a result of our condition, we seemed to get a bit of protection that allowed us to go about our lives privately, and for a wee while, I thought it was working.

My understanding was we were either pre-op, post-op, or non-op. I “got” non-op for circumstances whereby the individual couldn’t get the op due to other underlying medical issues, but would otherwise be approved for it, and also for FtM where the surgery outcomes are less than favourable.

Now, while all that worked well in my head, the “proposing to undergo” part of the Gender Reassignment protected characteristic never sat right with me: how long is one allowed to be “proposing to undergo” before people start calling it out? See, I figured it MUST relate to the Real Life Experience, but I don’t think that’s actually explained. Besides, the Act specifically states “a transsexual person”. Now back to that stupid umbrella…

Now, it seems, the transvestites, cross dressers, and a growing list of various others, have appropriated not only transsexuals, but also Intersex people, in a crusade to “validate their identities”; plus, they want to remove all the the barriers in place that afforded transsexuals that little bit of protection, so they can get it too; but what is they want that for? Nothing good, it seems. Even though Self ID isn’t actually a thing yet, it seems to be in place already in many areas: and this has resulted in some of the worst excesses I’ve ever seen from the Trans-Activists and the powerful Trans-Lobby. Women receiving death threats; women’s meetings threatened with bombs; sex offenders claiming to be like me to get access to women in prisons, refuges/shelters, etc. Claiming to be “trans” to get on All Women Shortlists, and win prestigious awards for women…Philip Bunce is a part time cross dresser, nothing more.

I can’t take it anymore. For sometime now this has plagued my mind: I cannot have these people using me, my condition, to legitimise their excesses. I can no longer allow them to point to me as Justification for satisfying their fetishes and fantasies.

So yes, I did use female toilets, and occasionally used changing rooms, but I always did my best to be discrete as fuck: head down, do what you need to do, and go. I’ll concede I’ve been extremely naive about this and sincerely apologise for any distress I may have caused. I was genuinely just trying to plod on with the rest of my life; my head’s been in the clouds my whole life: I’m a dreamer.

However, for sometime now, I’ve been struggling with this: my presence is used as justification by others, and I can take it no more. The decision was brought to a head the other night, and from now on, I will be using male facilities: no more can I be used to legitimise the activities of TRAs! No longer can they point to me and claim that’s what they are.

So what does “trans” mean now? To me, nothing. It’s been stripped of any meaning it once had for me, and I’ll no longer use it to describe me or my experience. I am transsexual, that’ll never change, but “trans” is no longer adequate in describing me, since any fucker who throws on a bit of lippy seems to be able to claim it. So I’m abandoning it, I don’t know what I’ll use in its place; or whether or not it actually needs replaced…so from now on, I’m just Seven Hex.

I guess now it’s time to go big or go home, I choose go big! I doubt it’ll be easy, but if something needs done, it needs done! If transsexuals dump the term “trans” then it WILL lose its legitimacy, hopefully making it easier for women to successfully fight and win this gender war.

Peace out


edited 21/01/19

Other (Part I)

(originally posted on Twitter 09/06/18)

Ye know, I’ve never felt I ‘fit’ in anywhere: the world’s always seemed strange…beautiful, but strange. I feel a bit of a passenger in my own life at times, wondering what the fuck is going on one moment to the next….I mean, I know WHat is happening, I often can’t figure out Why it’s happening……whatever “it” is…

I’ve come to realise I just don’t understand most people.

One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to change my mind; alter my opinion. People can be revered for having strong opinions they fight hard to defend, and won’t budge on, and while admirable, is it enough? See, I fully understand that any opinion I have/hold on a given subject/object/topic depends entirely on what I know, what I have experienced, and anything I can extrapolate from information available to me……and I fully understand, at all times, I could be wrong. If there is a piece of information I didn’t previously have, or a perspective I hadn’t considered, that if demonstrated, proven, or otherwise successfully argued, then I must include it in the formation of a new opinion; if this means doing a full 180 on a position I held, so be it.

Now, I thought this was reasonable of me; I thought this is what we’re supposed to do. Isn’t this how we learn from each other? Isn’t this how ideas and knowledge are advanced? Or is the right thing to block out information you don’t like, and relentlessly defend opinions formed on demonstrably incomplete, or bad, this how adults function these days? ’cause I don’t know anymore..

What is an opinion anyway? A quick search and you’ll find it defined as:

But can an opinion be wrong? I believe it can be, yes, in one circumstance. Obviously most opinions can’t be wrong – “was that film any good last night?”, “it was terrible: just seemed to drag on!”

Many opinions are formed on a purely subjective basis, on personal bias…someone else may think the film was epic!

But what about opinions that require, in substantive part, objective analysis? Opinions that matter? On bigger issues that don’t just affect you? Issues impacting the welfare and safety of others who don’t have the luxury, safety or security you do? Where the implications are far reaching, and may go on to provide the social framework our future generations grow into? Opinions on science, politics, health, etc? Can they be wrong? Surely subjective analysis isn’t enough?

My opinion?

Refusal to: acknowledge or accept provable, objective data/information; put your personal bias to one side; consider alternative valid perspectives, is intellectually lazy and dishonest…and wrong. So many people do it..some who really should know better.

How on Earth do we progress as a species if the same arguments are had over, and over, and over, and over again? That creationism, for example, is still a thing, I find truly absurd.

It’s these opinions I believe are wrong: wilfully un/under-informed ones.

There is another, horrifyingly underused, option: “I don’t know”. This is actually my opinion on lots of topics…see, I also recognise instances where I either don’t know enough to reach any sort of fair conclusion, or have too much compelling and competing information on both or more sides to form an opinion I’m satisfied with; in either case, my opinion is [to the effect of] “I don’t know”. And I’m OK with this. It may be a difficult thing to do, depending, but I can be persuaded. I’ll ask loads of questions, play Devil’s Advocate even, and at some point I’ll also likely ask “can you prove that?”. Ultimately, I may then change/form an opinion, I may not, but I’ve listened, may even’ve learned something; I may also have altered the other person’s opinion……

16. You must understand at some point we all must accept truths we don’t like; truths we’re uncomfortable with – rejecting them only limits your understanding and you do yourself a disservice.

It Is uncomfortable at times – I do hold some opinions I’m uncomfortable with….but my integrity does Not allow me to overlook proof/evidence…or in many cases, lack thereof..

What is true is true whether I like it or not.

But hey, maybe I really am the one who has it all wrong…….not playing the game right…..?

After all, opinions are “not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”….right…..

Sure, but if they’re not, and wilfully so, what value do your opinions really have?…. As far as I’m concerned? No value: I’m not interested…aaaaand you’re wrong; why should anyone listen? All opinions are NOT created equal.

Sadly, too many people these days ARE intellectually lazy and/or dishonest; too many “Good Citizens” put their critical thinking skills on hold for what seems progressive, fashionable, right – often hidden agendas packaged in celebrity, fad, and propaganda; accompanied with a tendency to deride and castigate those not buying into it.

For too many, it seems, it’s just easier, sometimes safer, to just go with the flow…….but where does that lead us? I dread to wonder, and I certainly don’t want to go.

edited 21/01/19