I, Transsexual (Part II)

(originally posted to Fb 11/01/19)

After transition, it was all about getting on with life – try and make something of myself in this crazy world. Much of this was about trying to put my head down and keep myself to myself – the life of a transsexual is often built on loss and isolation.

I’ve always been open about who/what I am – I transitioned in work so many already knew, and word spreads… It’s no use getting upset by this – it happens, what’s the point in sulking and throwing tantrums? What does it achieve? Other than make you look like a snowflake, and who wants that? No, it achieves nothing. Instead, I was open about it; people knew they could, and they did, talk to me about it, and If they inadvertently used clumsy language, so what! I have almost infinite patience for those genuinely seeking understanding.

But on the whole I guess I did what many others like me do: try to quietly slip back into society, and get on with it. As a “group”, transsexuals, from my experience are as disparate as any other, and we certainly don’t maintain some sort of diaspora…..

Right now, the problem transsexuals have is one of credibility. The TRAs have been entirely successful in subsuming transsexuals into “transgender” in the wider public conscience, and we can’t not get tarnished by their shit as a result – consider the many women new to all this who, thanks to the “transgender umbrella”, may not recognise we’re a distinctly different people than the transvestites and crossdressers. They’re scared, and understandably so. If we [TSs] are going to recover any reputation, we need to be clearly distinguishable and separate from them…

Our future looks bleak: services are under incredible strain, and with dangerous affirmation only policies being proposed, particularly on children (is paediatrics up to speed with the impact all this may have on a developing child’s minds and bodies?), we can only expect the strain to increase; unless significant funding is thrown at it… But what happens when all those who should never been put on the medical pathway experience regret? What happens to our vital services when the extent of this current crisis becomes fully realised? They’ll disappear…and the path we have available to us to recover anything is very narrow – regardless of the outcome of the GRA Consultation, damage has been done.

It’s important to point out that current gender/trans ideology is being pushed by fetishistic men, who have no interest in transition outwith a change of clothes and a bit of lippy. If, hopefully, Self ID gets crushed, just watch the likes of Alex Drummond of Stonewall, take off his skirt, wipe off his lipstick, pack up his shit and disappear back into society as the man he is – he already has his beautifully groomed beard ready to go….meanwhile, people like me need to deal with the tattered reputation and poor public perception these men leave us with in their wake. There is going to be a generation of adults furious they’ve had their fertility stolen, their future happiness in jeopardy, all to satisfy and justify the twisted fantasies of these men.

In a world where we know desistance is high, and “gender incongruence” in children rights itself in the overwhelming majority of circumstances, why is the affirmation only policy being pushed? Why is watchful waiting, which is the recommendation from GIDS, being pushed to the side so easily? It’s easy, these kids are being politicised by transvestites and crossdressers who, by the way, have no interest in Actual transition – they’re pushing drugs and surgeries they themselves have no interest in getting – this is seriously alarming, and serious questions need to be asked.

This is all part of the multi-faceted War on Women, and the transgender umbrella has been their most effective weapon. That fucking umbrella’s purpose was to appropriate transsexuals and intersex people: they’ve stolen our lives and stories, and shoehorned them into a narrative that sounds progressive, but is actually an insidious agenda to hurt and erase women….and what a job they’ve done: the public has been thoroughly duped into accepting this.

So where does all this leave me, and others like me? Not in a great place as it happens….I’ll be honest: I wasn’t paying attention. After surgery, and actually for some time before, I had pretty much disappeared back into society; having had the therapy and subsequent diagnoses, it became a waiting game – there was no need to attend the clinic, and I rarely returned. Furthermore, the activities of the trans communities just weren’t on my radar…..in fact, I rarely interacted with other trans people……until now..

A year last October is when I really became aware of all this…and I was, am, horrified. Since then I’ve spoken out against this trans-cult, as have other transsexuals, but let’s face it, our numbers are tiny by comparison. I see some of what goes on in some transsexual groups, and the tone is sombre; there is a tremendous amount of fear.

The relatively ordinary life I was leading, where my transition was a very minor part who I was, has been destroyed, and now that I did transition sits front and centre, whether I want it to or not. No doubt this is true for many of us. How many of us have gone about our business, blended back into society, and built their lives over decades, for it all to be brought to a head now, with their future in doubt? How many has this doubt silenced?

But right now, there’s a bigger problem: women are under attack, and like it or not, we’re a weapon for the patriarchy….we need to be a weapon against the patriarchy…..and therein lies our path to recovering our credibility and place in society, and the very first thing we need to do, is get transsexuals, and intersex people, OUT from underneath that fucking “transgender umbrella”; they can no longer be allowed to appropriate us to justify their blatant misogyny.

Incidentally, if someone announces they’re “transgender”, push them a little further…. See, no one is just “transgender”; being an umbrella term, they would actually occupy a separate ‘group’ under that term….like, no one is just intersex – a term used to cover varying conditions that actually confirm the sex binary… So yeah, ask them what group they represent under that umbrella…..you’ll notice, from the picture below, the big “T” tag is for transsexual – but considering this requires diagnosis, and seems to be a term they’re determined to render obsolete, will they claim it? I suspect not since their claim likely couldn’t stand up to scrutiny; same goes for intersex.….so what would they be left with? Crossdresser? Transvestite? Some other gender nonsense? They can’t claim those since these can’t be reconciled with their narrative…..it’s the credibility and legitimacy of Transsexual and Intersex they rely on and roll into this “transgender identity”….it’s a nonsense, and a little probing exposes it…..I bet they’d avoid the question and try back out….don’t let them get away with just “transgender”…..

Peace ✌ 

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    1. I don’t “identify” as male; I am male by biology….there is a material reality we all share, ye know….I am trans(sexual) by virtue of the fact I am male, but suffered dysphoria and genital incongruence… being “trans” does’t negate the underlying biology, and if you believe it does then you’re not too bright, are you?…

    2. One’s innate biological sex is not an identity. It is, like let’s say your heart or eyes, simply a biological fact.
      Sevenhex is what trans is and means. It is what transgenders appropriate and abuse.

  1. After study Com SB a few of the blog posts in your website now, and I actually like your approach of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking again soon. Pls check out my site as well and let me know what you think.

  2. Seven says it exactly as many other transsexuals out there feel. We are horrified by how a politically motivated group of – lets face it – cross dressing men – often middle aged or later – have seen an opportunity to validate this and shove their alter ego into societies face.

    They do so in very male ways, too, which are obvious to most women and transsexuals but seemingly not to the politicians who have for some inexplicable reason bought this con that changing legal status should be easy and open to all just by saying so and if you disagree then that is bigotry and you should be taken to court and shamed.

    This is an enormous lapse of judgement by our elected representatives as they have prioritised something in ways that they should have seen must disadvantage pretty much every one else BUT those who are making these demands.

    Women, of course, whose identity is subsumed to a feeling in your head or lifestyle expression.

    Children, who are being taught stereotypes over clothing or toys = a desire to change sex = the right to be medicated and do so.

    Intersex people who have medical conditions that are no fault 0f their own and are being used as a shield to pretend that dressing up in your bedroom in secret is the same thing.

    And transsexuals who have no idea of what causes the early onset of dysphoria we have but we understand this is not ‘normal’ and needs investigating by doctors and should be corrected if at all possible. Transition should be a very last resort. Not an easy choice. But we are used as a cover story for transgender nonsense and that is why so much effort is made to allege transsexual is just an outdated word for transgender.

    It is not. It is an illusion projected with deliberate intent to use the screen of respect transsexuals have earned over 50 years. Whilst at the same time eradicating any difference so it fools society into assuming all trans are equally safe.

    How can our representatives not see that every one of these ‘oppressed’ 500,000 transgender people who want to self ID into the rights of the 5000 medically diagnosed transsexuals with Gender Recognition Certificates COULD have applied for these if they were in such need. They would have had them years ago during this long campaign.

    Fact is they never tried because…. Well ask yourself why if it mattered that much. We transsexuals did what was necessary as we saw the importance of a bond of trust with society.

    The just under 5000 transsexuals with a GRC, by the way, is exactly the number applying for the GRA that was predicted by doctors to parliament in 2004 when passing the law. Odd that no politician seems to ever tell anyone out there this fact. Or explain how these doctors got it so wrong by a factor of 100 if 500,000 should really be able to apply now.

    Because, of course, they did not. The doctors knew what transsexual is and these 500,000 only want access to the rights and the law if needing to demonstrate any medical requirement disappears. Because they don’t have any so would not get through the gatekeeping.

    It is about time someone in government asked THESE questions instead of them being asked only by transsexuals like Seven and myself (I had SRS 43 years ago for the record and have never been so horrified by what I see out there in all of those years).

    Also very notable is that transsexuals who can eloquently express themselves on these things like Seven can here have been driven off Twitter. As I write this three others have just been forced out inside a week, myself included.

    We are not being driven off by women, or feminists, or men. The ones doing the reporting of ‘transphobic’ posts written by people who transitioned before these keyboard warriors were born are the trans activists that self ID would be enfranchising into your spaces.

    That should worry you. It worries me. And whilst I know that there will be many genuine people innocently getting swept up by this ideology they need to stop, think and reconsider what cause they are actually supporting here and why.

    Self ID will ruin lives – many of them ‘trans’ peoples lives. It is shockingly short sighted if we do not wake up to this

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