I, Transsexual (Part III)

So what do we do now? how are we transsexuals, male and female, going to get through this? It’s gonna be tough, I can tell you that…

First, as I said before, we have to consider our older generations: those of us who transitioned decades ago, fought what had to be fought back then, and did their level best to assimilate quietly back into society, and did so without incident since. My heart goes out to them: many are scared, and I hope some sort of amnesty can be agreed; I’m certainly not going to be asking anything of them, other than for their support.

This fight is in the hands of my generation and below…. Some may question why they would, or indeed should: after all, it’s potentially risky as fuck, and we didn’t exactly start this whole shit show – we’re kinda victims in it all too……well, I’ll get to that…..

For any of this to work, it has to be done as part of, and within, a larger movement towards change – we know women want this, some men are coming round to this too, though many more need persuaded….we have our part to play in all this, and play it we must.

One of the biggest risks to transsexuals is the loss of access to health care, including hormone therapy and surgery. I’ve certainly seen a number of articles and posts appearing on my feed, in increasing frequency, more than suggesting that surgery isn’t the answer, it doesn’t help at all; it’s barbaric mutilation, purely elective etc; long term follow ups all show that statistically it has no benefit, and all those ‘Lost to follow up” are probably miserable…and on, and on….
But that is not the full picture: there are many of us who are more than happy with our outcomes, and rarely, if ever, see a specialist again once we’re done – fuck, no doubt I’ll be lost to follow up….maybe I’ll check in, but I really can’t be arsed…
Of course, this doesn’t detract from the very real problem that people for whom surgery isn’t right, are getting it, and the very real problems this creates in their lives. There are many detransitioners and it’s important we hear their stories: how else do we expect to be able to improve a service if we don’t do more to understand where it went wrong? These people need access to proper care and support, as do those for whom the surgery itself wasn’t successful, leaving them with lifelong complications; their stories need to be heard too.
I want to see these services improved, not removed. This current gender-ideology is pushing increasing numbers through the transition process; from children getting puberty blockers at first appointments, to large numbers of teenage girls rushing to get on “T”, the numbers are growing, putting services designed to accommodate a mere 5000 people, under huge strain. Underpinning this rise is a dangerous Affirmation Only policy that’s being promoted by the trans-lobby, but it’s important to understand that behind the trans-lobby and gender-ideology is a cabal of [mostly] white, straight men, who by and large have absolutely no intention of transition, surgical or otherwise. No, they just want to throw on a dress and a bit lippy (sometimes not even!), call it “social transition”, then trample all over women and their rights while using these kids’, transsexuals’, and Intersex people’s experiences to justify it….
Given we know the rates of desistance in children is exceptionally high, right now I wouldn’t consider it presumptuous to say we have a disaster on our hands. When all this eventually unfolds, how small will the voices of the already tiny number of us for whom it is right, be? And this isn’t even including the risk to access to surgery that Self ID brings, with its attempts to de-medicalise our condition with chants of “you don’t need dysphoria to be trans”…..make no mistake, the risk to the future generations of transsexuals is enormous!

Once again we find ourselves having to carve out spaces and opportunity in society – except this time the challenges facing us are far more daunting. Now, I can only talk from the perspective of a transwoman [incidentally, transwoman has a specific meaning: a male-to-female transsexual….trans woman (with a space) is not a real thing, so if you could all stop doing that, that’d be great, thanks], so can’t say too much on behalf of transmen [samesies on the definition], but their voices and views are important, and they will very much have their part to play in all this; I hope I’m able to encourage many to join me in protecting our joint future – theirs is in doubt too.

Only males can be transwomen; therefore, I am male. I’m also an adult. Technically, I am a man, and no amount of hormone replacement or surgery will actually change that….this is true of all transwomen whether we like it or not. The trouble is, the trans-lobby has people believing in the impossible: that we can literally change sex; that male can be, and is female, because they “feel it”….this is preposterous! And right now this “magicthink” is shaping policies that will ultimately not only have an apocalyptic effect on transsexuals, but once it’s done with us, the consequences for women and girls is unthinkably grim…

In Part II I highlighted that we have been weaponised by the trans-lobby, and by extension, patriarchy. If we are to turn this around, i.e. become a weapon against patriarchy, while attempting to secure our own future, then we have to take action! We must be seen to be separate and distinct from the transgenders [trenders?]. Where the transgenders were once able to point to us as justification for their actions and behaviours, we must now give women the opportunity to point to us in challenge of those actions and behaviours, and the very presence of those displaying them. It will be extremely difficult, and won’t be without incident, but the spaces and opportunities we carve out for ourselves must come from those of our natal sex….and yes, that does mean what you think it means…. You may wonder how this is going to help us in the long run…..well first, just watch all the misogynists, fetishists, incels, et al pack up their shit and disappear when access to female facilities/services is taken off the table; second, if access to facilities/services for the opposite sex is off the table, the chances are the only ones who’ll push for transition will be the ones for whom it is likely appropriate.
For transwomen, this could well be very dangerous – I’ve had a few dodgy moments myself; thankfully on one occasion there was a male friend in the toilets with me at the time…

As previously mentioned, this is only really going to work within a larger movement towards change. Toxic gender roles and norms need to go, and that change needs to be visible across all aspects of society – for example, are we really gonna tell boys and men it’s ok to wear dresses, heels, make up, and still be a boy/man, but then expect them in a [trouser] suit and tie in the office because ‘male’, for example?…… With initiatives like Let Toys be Toys, and Let Clothes be Clothes, can we really continue to expect dress standards based on sex? There’s a whole lot of deconstructing of gender to be done, and I’d like to think we will play an important part in doing just that.
Discussions across many groups need to be had to determine how to proceed, particularly if we are to do this as a united front of feminists, gender critical allies, transsexuals, and the emerging men’s groups pushing back on toxic gender ideology. There’s a lot to be hammered out, but if we are able to successfully break down the gender barriers, and everyone is free to express themselves, and pursue interests/ambitions/careers as they please, then a future where transsexuals use the facilities of their natal sex doesn’t sound so scary; it’s the getting there…. furthermore, in such an environment, transsexuals will be easier to identify: where gender expression is open and free to everyone – where pink, hair, dresses, makeup are seen as just much as ‘boy’ things as they are ‘girl’ things, and blue, dirt, football and cars are seen as just as much as ‘girl’ things as they are ‘boy’ things – the only ones seeking surgical transition will be the ones experiencing incongruence with their actual sex [genitals], rather than the societal expectations on them because of their sex….I am very much of the opinion that even if we are able to lift the shackles of gendered expectations from society as described, there will still be those pursuing transition; I understand many out there believe such a society will “cure” society of transsexualism…..I disagree, and if under these circumstances there is still people who want to transition, then, surely, our critics must agree there is something else going on… see where I’m going with that?…

So, back to the question of why would or should we. Well I expect many transsexuals out there, like me, have often wondered that if everyone would just give us a chance, believe us, and in us a little, then we might just be able to provide the middle ground needed to heal and mend this rift between women and men…..if they would just give us a moment, and accept that maybe we have something to say, and offer, we can help bring about peace between the sexes – possibly help bring an end to this seemingly perpetual war….
Sadly, we’re still not there, and the progress that had been made has been set back decades thanks to the trans-lobby. So now is the time. We have no choice. If we believe we can help, we must step forward. We must stand tall and be counted, no more scurrying into the shadows never to be seen or heard from – that road leads to ruin: just look at the situation we find ourselves in now. Our voices must be heard, and we must be visible: how can we expect to gain any traction with cementing our place in society if no one ever sees us? As difficult as it’ll be, we must step beyond the shame we feel at who and what we are, the shame that keeps us hidden, and be bold! We must confront our fears, so future generations don’t have to; step out and proudly show the world who we are. Fight for our rights, but within the scope of our sex classes. We are transsexuals, and that shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of, but if we want a better future for the transsexuals of tomorrow, then stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder with women, work with them, and give them the ammunition they need to combat the gender madness that’s threatening not just their spaces, but their hard won rights.

This, as I say, ain’t gonna be easy. I’ve still got quite a bit to do, but I’m getting there; I just hope I’m able to persuade enough to join me when the time comes…this is bigger than our immediate preferences, and very much an emergency…

Peace ✌


10 Replies to “I, Transsexual (Part III)”

  1. Good to read your words, Seven, and you are missed on Twitter. You are right that asking *men* to make room for you and other transsexuals is the challenge and that no one (and especially not women) benefits from dogma and insistence on ‘TWAW’ . It poisons the debate.

  2. I love how you erase trans men, by calling yourself a ‘transsexual man’….

    Do you even believe trans men exist? Or are they just ‘poor deluded women’ to you?

    If you accept they do exist ..what do you want them to call themselves? ‘Transsexual women’? I can just see Buck Angel doing that….

    And you haven’t even done your GRC yet. Here where I live it is far harder to change legal Id.. .but I have.
    By your own standards I am a true trans women …and you are not.

    1. ok, first, I said transsexual MALE….not man…read what’s written…..’cause if you did you’d realise I have been including transmen and very much want them on board.

      You’re right, I don’t have a GRC…but does that mean there was no such thing as a transwoman prior to them becoming available? Of course not, stop talking shite.

      By my own standards, I am a transsexual male (i.e. transwoman… i.e. male to female… i.e. I am a natal male who is transsexual – this is really not difficult stuff)

      Try and engage your brain once in a while….who knows, you might begin to understand stuff…

  3. I have now read the three parts you have published of “I, transsexual” and found them interesting, but more importantly, thought provoking. It is all the more relevant given you share your personal experience and not just thoughts on, or observations of, others.

    Thank you for sharing such an intimate view into your world and life.

    As others have said you are missed on twitter but twitter isn’t good for anyone’s mental health and we all need a break from time to time.

  4. I have to admit, “The best way to make sure transsexuals are less marginalized is to make them even *more* marginalized–up to and including forcing post-op trans women to use men’s facilities, despite acknowledging that this could be dangerous for their well-being” is a novel take.

    1. We’re marginalised regardless, the point is, right now we face erasure under this “Transgender” umbrella. In many ways, the damage Self ID has done to transsexuals’ reputations is done, and cannot be undone. Thanks to this, the “as seamless as possible” assimilation back into society we’d all hoped for, is now a highly improbable outcome of all this.

      If we somehow do manage to save ourselves as a distinct group of people in society, we’re gonna have to change how we approach our integration with society, and try and rebuild our reputation.

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