I, Transsexual (Part IV)

So what is ‘winning’, for us, gonna look like here? I mean, let’s face it, we have an absolute mountain to climb.

We do have tremendous support out there, much of it from the radfem and gender critical groups/people….but the landscape has changed, and we have to change too; we must support women and girls, and help defend their rights throughout this twisted war on them…

I said before, our lives generally consisted of doing what needed done, then getting on with it; as someone I know recently put it: transsexuals not only do adapt, but want to adapt into a balanced accommodation with society…. However, at the moment, this isn’t necessarily what many women are seeing; what they see is, from the same person: transgenders seem to carry most of their baggage with them, and want not to adapt themselves to fit in, but make the rest of the world adapt and validate their identity as it is….. We’ve been blindsided by the “transgender umbrella”, and we’re the only ones who can save our own skin in this….no one’s gonna do it for us, but many are prepared to help.

Sadly, this means we have to be far more visible than we’ve ever been before, and while this will necessarily come with risks, it can come with potentially great victories, and give us the space in society to have wins that are truly ours to be had…..it’s important to note here, when I talk of transsexuals, I mean all transsexuals… transmen are too often overlooked, and have been fairy quiet through all this, but their future is in just as much jeopardy. We are two too small groups individually, together we can become a….well a bigger very small group.

Right off the bat, we need to reclaim some language, and probably add some more. Over the course of the Gender War, language, and the use thereof, is going to be crucial, and we need our own. Now I get there are women out there who object even to ‘transwoman’ [no space], but back in my Twitter days I tried to open a discussion on this very subject, ye know, to see if there was an alternative we could all agree on….no one got involved, and the only person who did (a woman) told me not to bother, stick with what we’ve got and make it work….and if I had access to my Twitter I could prove it too….besides, ‘transwoman’ and ‘transman’ are in the OED already defined. We know and acknowledge that transwomen are a subset of males, and transmen of females; suggesting otherwise is counter productive….
Another word is ‘Transvestite’; as someone recently asked, “Where have all the transvestites gone?”…..and it’s a good question. I know some wonderful men who are transvestites, and they rock it! They own it!…..or they certainly did up until recently, at least….. “Transgender” has shown itself to be a linguistic parasite in all this…..also, and I know it’s a pejoritive, but “Trender”…..I’ll leave that one out there for now…..

No doubt the topic of third spaces will arise as time progresses, and this is an important conversation to have. I suspect the objection to third spaces largely comes from a visceral reaction to the thought of it….I know, I feel it: it’s because it feels very “othering”…. Well, we are kinda “other”, if you really think about it – if we want to cement our very small place in society, we’re gonna have to own that, and bollocks to everyone else….still, my only issue now is: who all believes they have the right to access such spaces?….. Questions over layouts, specific requirements etc, could all be hammered out….but let’s say we pull it off, could we maybe count that as a win?….

Sports is another one we’re gonna have to deal with, and there are solutions out there; I’ve thought of one I reckon could be readily [relatively] implemented across a wide number of sports and activities….I’m not gonna go into detail here, and there is a lot to be worked out, but it would mean we could have our sporting achievements, that are genuinely ours…why wouldn’t we want that?…

Think about STEM, literature, music, other art, philiosphy, politics,….whatever; if we proudly identify ourselves, can’t we record wins in all these areas?…..[Teacher to class] “…was invented by Bob Such’n’such, a prominent transman in the twenty twenties; he is also quoted as saying “blah de blah” of what/whoever”…you get the picture”; “The author, Sue Whitsherface, uses her perspective as a transsexual in that era to do something about whatever happened, blah de blah….” – can we not record wins like that? The only way we can really get them is to be more visible, and honest about who we are…..

And just one last one I’m gonna touch on here: children. Of all the conversations, this is the most important. Me personally, I want a proper end-to-end structure with exit points/strategies clearly worked in, and surgery no younger than, ideally, though possibly younger in potentially some certain circumstances, 21….. Again, there is much to be discussed. It is a delicate subject and believe it or not, all parties involved are gonna have to act like adults….shocker, I know, right?

All is not lost, yet, but it definitely will be if we don’t get off our arses….

Peace out, for now..


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  1. Good post. Thoughtful. Keep at it! Much appreciated in the foul climate many of us are wading through and trying to stay sane. As a woman I began to wonder if we had got it wrong in the past accepting that transsexual women were any kind of of woman at all, etc etc. Its people like you who have restored my faith and sanity! So am very grateful you are sticking your head above the parapet. You’ve saved me from going down an unpleasant dark path I didn’t really want to. Thank you!

  2. Let me preface this by saying that I do agree with most of what you’re saying. Plus, I also feel like this is all going to collapse one day when children start de-transing by the hundreds or people come to their senses and realize you can’t just change your biological sex based on your feelings. I think the major problem is finding a voice. TRAs have basically erased transsexuals. If we try to speak out we’re labeled as truscum and hated even more than people who murder transgender people. Any dissension from within the ranks that suggests crazy things like biology or science must be crushed immediately. This is especially true for transsexuals because we have the potential to be the most dangerous traitors. Anyone else can be passed off as transphobic, but TRAs built their entire platform on us. They will turn on us. We will be ostracized and banned from social media platforms so our voices can’t be heard. If we do somehow overcome this then where does that leave us? The average person doesn’t even know the difference between the terms transsexual and transgender. The ones that already hate us will continue to hate us. We’re all freaks to them and they’ll just claim we’re trying to be extra-special snowflakes or something. Plus, if we do “win” this war we’re still going to get screwed. The TRAs have caused too much havoc for anyone to ever take us seriously again. There will be no spaces for us, or sports for us, or a transhistory month. You seem to put a lot of faith in groups like the gender critical crowd but we’re just a means to an end for many of them. I don’t think it will take long for them to turn on us after we’re no longer useful to them.
    You do have a mountain to climb. I hope that I’m wrong, but I’m afraid that we won’t like what you find at the top. I still wish you the best of luck because I can’t stand seeing women losing their rights and children’s lives being ruined because of this insanity.

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