I, Transsexual (Part V)

Well, there’s certainly no doubt things are getting gritty; it seems more and more people are beginning to wake up to the madness: sport has taken centre stage in the unfolding social calamity that is the “Trans Rights Movement”, and people’s attention is now caught.

Serious questions are now being asked: it’s taken Rachael McKinnon’s absurd claims, and for accomplished sportswomen – who thankfully DO have the ear of the public conscience – publicly challenging them that finally, far more people are beginning to stop and think ‘heeey, waaaait a minute’….………if only women in academia, music, politics and more had such sway, this may have been nipped in the bud long ago……

Hopefully this, now, is the beginning of the end for the Trans-Lobby and Gender Ideology/Queer Theory; as the thread is pulled from the toxic narrative woven into the current social fabric, it should surely now be fully exposed for the misogynistic, homophobic, totalitarian, fascist agenda that it is….but let’s not kid ourselves, there’ll be a huge fucking mess to clear up afterwards…….and we’ve still to see what the Consultations come back with – regardless of which, someone’s not gonna be happy.

If we’re to successfully navigate our way through this while the battles are being fought, we also need to build consensus on what a successful outcome might actually look like. Ideas need to be presented, discussed, augmented or rejected where necessary, agreed, then put into practice. Everyone seems to speak volumes about how they want “Calm, reasoned debate and discussion”, but this rarely if ever seems to happen, and they certainly don’t result in ‘resolutions’…….the latest real wins I’ve seen have largely been climb downs on the back of open letters, petitions and the like….and let’s keep going with that: it can and does work.
We need to identify particular areas of conflict, like, say, sport, and organise proper sit down, round table meetings/conferences/committees with representatives of all involved parties, including, but not limited to: sports’ governing bodies, women’s groups, trans groups, sports scientists, relevant government ministers……..to hammer out solutions to “trans” inclusion in sports, how they could be implemented, governance thereof, timescales, milestones, etc…
Of course, it’s not just sport, there’s a multitude of other things that need to be addressed – some more pressing than others.

Some effort needs to be made on focusing the current anger and frustration into something constructive. Broadly speaking it’s chaos out there, and the picture looks bleak – people are freaking out, and understandably so: what is there we can point to and say “Look, it’s alright: we’re working on it, and here’s what’s happening….”. Is there a strategy? I mean, as far as I can tell society…nae, civilisation, is in complete disarray right now….we’re all at war with each other over all sorts of shit, while we really should be focusing on bringing down those benefiting from exploitation and rampant, widespread inequality…..but that’s for another time….
So anyway, no, it doesn’t appear there is one…..and fuck! how can there be? While Gender Ideology thankfully falls apart: the political establishment continues to be complicit, with the left is so “woke” words have lost all meaning; “trans” orgs/people are spiralling, becoming louder and more frantic as their psychosis unravels; radical feminists have had their own schism(s), demonstrating that inflated egos aren’t the preserve of men; GC men’s groups are sparse, and simply not attracting the numbers they need – since generally speaking, men don’t give a fuck; many transsexuals are running for cover to try salvage what quiet life they had hoped for, and as best I can tell, it’s largely the GC women and groups in the middle ground facilitating what conversation there is, while mediating it all and generally trying to keep the calm……..and the ones being pulled in the most directions, committing the most emotional labour, and no doubt getting stressed out the most……no surprises there then, I guess….. Since it would appear we transsexuals find ourselves somewhat at the fulcrum of this raging battle, perhaps it’s incumbent on us to play a larger, more visible role and lift as much of the burden of facilitating, mediating and keeping the calm as we can……

It’s no secret I’m in the process of trying to form a group – just doing it very slowly and cautiously – the focus of which would be to provide a ‘Transsexual Perspective’ to these discussions on those areas of conflict…..in fact, it’s my intent that said group would host and facilitate as many of them as it can….we need to grab this situation by the scruff of it’s neck.

Everyone, please, take a step back, breathe, put ego aside, and get your thinking heads on. How on Earth are we ever gonna get anything like the outcome we need if we can’t, or won’t, sit down and figure out between us what that is?……We need a concerted effort to not only stop the Trans-Lobby and Gender Ideology, but also to think about how we go about repairing the damage it has caused. But how is that going to be possible with the situation as it currently is?
Trans-Activists won’t debate, and no wonder: they know fine well none of their claims stands up to scrutiny – and they seem quite successful in deplatforming other speakers when they are asked to account for themselves; meanwhile, on the radical feminist and gender critical side, there’s been a fair bit of rushing to judgement, finger pointing, and lashing out…..now where the fuck is that gonna get us? I mean I get how it happened, but we need to get a grip of ourselves and begin to, dare I say, adult our way out of this…..?

Wider change is needed; desperately so…..and ye know, I’ve never understood how humans managed to allow themselves to be sooo divided by and over sex anyway – it’s actually bonkers…. Yes, the greed of men is primarily to blame, but how much are complacency and intellectual laziness contributing factors?……integrity also seems to be seriously lacking across the MILLENNIA preceding my birth, and up to and including this very day…..it’s actually getting worse.
As far as I can tell, women and men are supposed to get along…….but they don’t, and this baffles me….. How is an [allegedly] intelligent species supposed to surpass itself when it goes about suppressing the talents, efforts and contributions of more than half its population? And the violence used to do so being nothing short of evil!?……..”Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire…….something to think about….
I don’t get it: surely if both males and females are equally pushed and encouraged to excel, future generations will be excellent, right? or am I missing something?…… Perhaps then we would achieve that “Human Awakening” we could really be doing with right about now…….no?……don’t know?…….

But anyway, what do I know?……as I said, we’ve yet to hear the outcome of the GRA Consultations, but now might be a good time to get ahead of the game a bit, eh?……can we?…..

Peace ✌️


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  1. If I can help in any way, or,if we can work together, very happy to discuss options, and ways forward. Thanks, Samantha

  2. Yes, as you said, it’s not only necessary to stop this damaging war….
    It’s necessary to talk about solutions(and I am sure that is possible to achieve that, but are we ready for that?) , about how to repair the damage that has been done in the name of “progress”…..
    Only if I could help….(I live in Spain and here is happening the same madness)

  3. Some of us here in the States are attempting rational, peaceful dialog, too. Two of the three of us in the Naomi Circle are also taking part in a discussion group whose composition is quite diverse. This group’s first project was a statement to the Pantheacon annual event decrying the deplatforming of esteemed feminist scholar Max Dashu, and we have followed up with a change.org petition.

    The Naomi Circle Statement, “Second Wave Lesbian Feminists Statement Against Anti-Woman Violence, Terfing, and No-Platforming – A Call to Sisterhood, Truth, and Reconciliation,” is available at http://www.calweb.net/~mschulter/Naomi_Circle_Statement.pdf.

    Thank you for what you’re doing, and have courage: it’s always darkest before the dawn.

  4. The devil is in the details, a suggestion for feminists, the importance of language, and a possible solution

    Hello again Seven(the last time, I promise)

    I will say the following, about how they are doing to undermine the legal rights of women….

    In regards to male transsexuals*(you don’t and can`t change sex, for now), they are using your own access to female spaces, iniciatives, etc….in law, to issue a discrimination
    challenge for all men within human rights, saying that is a privilege conceded to a few males, and that ALL men have the right to access their spaces, to become a woman legally, etc….

    And they are using the same argument with female transsexuals, saying that is a privilege conceded to a few females,
    and that for humans rights for be equal for everybody , men must be granted access
    to female spaces, iniciatives, etc….and the female cathegory….

    Too they are using the argument that you are transsexual, created by Harry Benjamin as a name of a diagnosis, and should made be clear that the intention
    of the name behind was to enable the politics of today, mainly was the begining of a political and economic move to legalize the big pharmaceutical complex and others
    to redefine that word to their own interest trying to confuse people into that term to imply that you can change sex by following the instructions that they want in all moment….

    Really is an innecessary word in medicine, they can use the words sex dysphoria(naming all the causes of that dysphoria, including mainly gender)
    and making available the treatment, along with medical protocols, to treat you….

    Better if you can avoid using the word gender when isn’t really necessary, it’s better to say roles and sex steoreotypes, while explaining what are…..
    because that can be interchanged easily….(sex and gender)

    John Money and Stoller were worse, with the creation of transgender politics with the words gender identity, between anothers…..

    The last move was to change that word into the word transgender, created by Virginia Prince, and selling the idea that you are trans*(really transgender), while tying sex to gender,
    impling that we don’t exist literally….

    Gender and gender identity too can encompass another realities, like colour skin(race), etc…..making the entire worker class and material reality inexistent….

    Making the reality of our very existence and the material reality itself a legal fiction that cannot even be named because it’s hate now..

    Remember, you don’t exist, material reality don’t exist, gender and gender identity are omnipotent…..

    While they redefine themselves as the material realities, giving themselves the power of switching between all them, that they have annihilated at the same time for us,
    giving themselves privileges over us….(the burgueois State and the burgueois class)

    If we do not exist……………………………………………………………..

    Not only that, if they can make us fraction between millions of individual identities, they have won the battle….

    Queer theorists are totalitarian….i’m spreading the word outside, isn’t too late for trying to stop this…..

    Good Luck, Seven….

    We are going to need it….

    I’m wriing in your own blog a possible soltion to avoid all that in the future….

    That is what happens when you play language games, in regards with reality, I can treat you as if you were a woman anytime in language, but that would be a lie that I’m saying to
    make you feel better(because you are dysphoric) ,maybe with the best intentions possible in occasions(trying to protect you from the dangers of people who want to hurt you),
    but a lie still, that the entire world knows, but that many don’t dare to say that it is still a lie(what’s happening now)…..

    I prefer to use another words, like TIM, TIF, transfeminine, transmasculine, instead of MTF, FTM, transwoman, transmen, because of that, not for hate, but for better clarification….

    Or even don’t use any of those words at all, and treating you like if you were one in language, providing that you know the reality and that you don’t misuse this in your own benefit….

    I don’t hate or have prejudices against you, it’s because I know the importance of language to know the real intentions behind all moves….

    Only because I know the original meaning of that word, I can’t be manipulated to believe that you can’t change sex by following their instructions….

    They are masquerading that under the “trans” umbrella and redefining the words male and female to include males as members of the female class automatically, using the laws that
    allow this as an argument….

    The problem with legal fictions outside of material reality is that they can be used for the worst of the evils…

    The solution I am proposing is the following….

    Fight for create your own legal categories, for male and female transsexuals, under the sex category, as two uniques and different cathegories compromised of people with
    male and female sexed characteristics, with 🙂

    In this way, they cannot use you and your community for the worst purposes, and you will have a better legal standing against all intents of erasing you and you can fight more easily
    for your rights 🙂

    I believe that can be a true beginning for the movement of liberation of transsexuals, against all forms of opression, including that of the burgueois class….

    Take care, Seven 😉

    Can you pass the following possible solution to all transsexuals you know, as a transsexual yourself?

    And people insisting in that I am a transphobe for stating that you are different xD

    Fools….in recognizing that you are different, is how you protect your own rights….

    PD: I know, my level of English is very bad 😛

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