Come Join Me In The Rain

(originally posted on Twitter 14/04/18)

As I’ve highlighted before, a constructive, well mannered and thoughtful conversation was completely torn apart over last weekend, with further spats throughout the week.

The hate definitely won that one, shit huh? It really was going really well.

Undoubtedly, as the disaster that is the push for Self ID unfolds, this is going to happen time and time again. It’s not nice, but it’s important we learn to ride it out, absorb it, learn from it, and maintain our resolve, if we’re going to move the conversation forward.

No one ever said earning trust and acceptance was going to be easy, and ask yourself: Do feminists have reason to be distrustful of transwomen (no space)? Sadly, the answer is yes. You see, we all now fall under this ‘Trans Umbrella’, apparently.

I’ve never been comfortable with this; I’ve never been happy that transsexual and transgender are somehow lumped together, with the definition of the former being absorbed and obscured by the latter.

Transgender, however, is also used to describe an assortment of identities from transvestites, non-binaries, polygender, pangender, and various others….the list grows…
But they’re not transsexual: they have absolutely no intention of obtaining SRS – indeed, many seem curiously, if not sometimes alarming, very pleased with their parts – in stark contrast to transsexuals who cannot reconcile with theirs.

Within the transgender community a sinister movement has been allowed to take root and grow. It has used the uncertainty and isolation of many in the trans community to foment a wave of hyper sensitive indignation. Many are whipped into such a frenzy words and meaning become meaningless, supplanted by a toxic, narcissistic and misogynistic narrative that rightly has many women deeply worried.

And for as long as transsexuals continue to agree to be covered by this umbrella, you can expect to be viewed with the same suspicion as those using it to forward their agenda.

I don’t put myself under the Transgender Umbrella, and to all the transsexuals under there, and others sceptical about Self ID and the Trans-Lobby, I ask you to step out from under it a moment, come join me in the rain.

Like me, many of you have come to terms with, and accepted who and what we are. How many times did looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “you are what you are” as you sigh with resignation, get you out the door in the morning? We know what we’re not, and accept that! We accept that we’re as close as we’re ever going to get, and move on from there. I know I’m not a real woman, I’m a transwoman. We transition to make our lives liveable, then move on into the world and live it. But do we wonder about those who claim to speak on our behalf?

We seem to have taken our eye off the ball here. Before I go on I’d like to tell a bit of a story: I have a number of friends who are great guys: caring, loving, live and let live types – hell, they’re friends with me! Thing is, they’re in the Orange Lodge. One once complained he didn’t like it when people at the side of the road jeered them, shouted at them. He’s a nice guy, why are people like that? I reminded him that while he, as an individual, is a beautiful and kind young man, they don’t see Him, they see and react to the collective. It’s the collective message, narrative, attitude, behaviour, they rail against.

So what messages, narratives, attitudes and behaviours are coming from your ‘collective’, this ‘trans umbrella’? What do people see from outwith? Should women be concerned?

The message seems progressive enough: Self ID will make it easier for those to obtain the legal recognition of the gender they identify with. But scratch the surface and something deeply ugly can be seen.

For how many of us, have we received support and acceptance from the women in our lives, because we’ve ‘been through the process’? I have. That we’ve been through the process has granted us some space allowing others to get to know us better, understand us, and empathise with our struggles and challenges. This process is sacred to us.

But what happens if there is no process?

Self ID proposes to remove it all, and replace it with a “straightforward administrative process”. Take a moment and let that sink in. Who benefits from that? You? No, you don’t. Fetishistic and misogynistic men do.

These people have seen the protections and rights we have, and they fucking want it too, but they can’t go through the process: they’d get found out, and they certainly want to keep their junk. They want access to women and womanhood – their claims to out-women women are shocking and alarming. The narrative supporting all this suggests that no one has anything to fear, and any opposition is transphobia and hatred. Is this true? Can allowing Anyone to obtain legal recognition as the opposite sex really be safe? Eh, no!

They claim no one will fraudulently claim a trans identity to access vulnerable women, but this has already happened, several [update: many many] times.
I remember seeing a thread, 30+ tweets, each with 4 pics, with a brief narrative of each, detailing crimes against women perpetrated by a “trans woman”. I wish I could remember who posted it; I’m sure someone’ll recognise it – if you do, could you please link it in the comments? Not to mention the recent case with @Skepticat_UK still very fresh in our minds.

There are many safety concerns with Self ID: access to women’s shelters and refuges; the prison estate; records and statistics; access to scholarships, programs and shortlists in place to increase female representation; sex based protections; the list could actually go on..

Can it really be a good idea to open all these up to just ‘anyone who identifies as a woman’? What, I wonder, can their behaviour tell us about what to expect?

What does the open death and rape threats against concerned women tell us of their intent? What does it say about their attitude to these women? Many of whom have suffered the horrors of rape and DV – some even victims of FGM too. What does the “cotton ceiling” tell us of their attitude towards lesbians? The demand they open their sexuality to include penis, lest they be labelled TERFs and transphobes? What does the no-platforming and silencing of women’s groups tell us of their desire for open discourse and debate on these important issues?

This fantastic thread, from @fedupfemme, I believe illustrates much here, very well: (link:…

It all tells us quite a lot, really, well me anyway. It tells me that Self ID isn’t the progressive, well meaning piece of legislation it’s touted to be. To me it looks very much like the manifesto of a hegemonic cult set on the erasure of the female sex class, and an intent to supplant it with a gender class – which, of course, they would rule, ’cause men do ‘woman’ better, right?

Can you see why women are concerned?

Ask yourself, does any of this represent you? Do you identify with this attitude? These behaviours? I’m betting no. Do you wonder how they feel able to make the claims they do? How they can say trans people are safe? How they can say no one will fraudulently claim to be trans? I’ll tell you how: you.

The transsexual identity has been hijacked and its meaning increasingly diluted. They use your identity to legitimise their agenda.

Now I’ve never considered myself to be under this ‘trans umbrella’, but for as long as you stay under it, they’ll continue to use you for their own ends.

I need to go back now, others and I are working hard to build something new. But please, stand out in the rain a little longer. When the time comes, and it will, we will urge to join us – but please know, if you decide to go back under that umbrella, I can’t help you.


(special thanks to @womaninnate & @shushingcults)

edited 21/01/19

So, I don’t have a GRC.

(originally posted on Twitter 23/03/18)

So, I don’t have a GRC, shocker, right? Not really. My passport and driving licence are changed, and they’re all I need to get around. You could argue I could get my birth certificate changed, but why would I do that? Firstly, I’m a bit of a historical puritan. A healthy male child was born – yeah ok, there were/are a few anomalies, but otherwise, yeah. Secondly, it in and of itself represents a legal fiction anyway, so who cares?
The GRC is a misnomer: you want to change gender: change your clothes, modify your behaviour and your mannerisms, and BOOM! Job done. My issue was with my sex, NOT my gender. Call it a Sex Recognition Certificate and I’d be interested. For me, the RLE, the psych evals etc, leading up to, and including surgery, was a rite of passage. This is what society expected – this is how I fulfilled my burden of proof. The surgery has been a huge success for me, and I’ve never looked back. I understood the need for all this – checks and balances.

Self ID turns this on its head.

Predatory males already abuse this and slip through: to suggest that pushing the checks and balances back ’til AFTER any “Event” won’t encourage more is a bit naive.

So how did we get here: how has this been allowed to happen? Language, that’s how. Since the GRA.

There’s a lot of linguistic manipulation going on: the conflation of sex and gender from the GRA; the obliteration of women’s language accompanying Self ID (if FGM being called ‘transphobic’ didn’t Peak you, dunno what to tell you, you’re a fucking moron). Another piece of language impacted is ours, transsexuals’. At some point, don’t know when and don’t know why, the term ‘transsexual’ became “Outdated”. So what happened? I reckon it was co-opted, absorbed into the more nebulous term ‘transgender’, then deliberately pushed into obscurity by the TRAs. But why? Well, again I reckon, it was simply to reinforce the conflation between sex and gender.

Their control over language is critical to their cause [cult] – just look at what happens when you challenge the narrative – the case of @ThePosieParker should be ample in highlighting this. A quick one on trans kids: I find it odd that, after centuries (maybe?), doctors came to the sensible conclusion of adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach with intersex kids. But a kid picks up the “wrong toy”, wants the “wrong clothes” and they’re scooped up and transed before they can say “But I like the tractor too…”, or something.

The sad truth is there are many transsexuals involved with the TRAs. TSs are generally mentally quite fragile, particularly early in transition. TRAs are able manipulate this fragility to foster a deep, albeit misguide, indignation: they point at what GC fem’s say – “See what they think of you. See, they’re trying to erase you. This is war”. The obfuscation of the term ‘transsexual’ prevents them from separating themselves out of it……..”Nah mate, that’s YOU they’re talking about”.

Self ID is not only toxic, it’s dangerous. The very fact it’s essentially being forced through with dissent heavily punished, should be enough to raise the hairs on your, well, everywhere. Violence and intimidation surrounds Self ID, fuelled by some of the most sickening misogyny I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter. Women see this, as do many TSs and TGs.

Women are rising, and thanks to the efforts of Venice Allen, now suspended ffs, 
@Womans_Place_UK, and a great many other radfems many more women and men are becoming aware of the true nature, scale, scope, and extent of the erasure of women as a sex class, that will become possible should Self ID be fully implemented.

What I believe we need now, is a cohesive, united, transsexual and ally front/group/thing. Across twitter I have, albeit it somewhat slowly, encountered more and more TSs, and TGs, who are also deeply worried about the implications of Self ID. Our affinity is with women, we feel connected to women, and we experience a largely peaceful life thanks to the good grace OF WOMEN! Understandably, women, and men, who see the assault on them, coming on the horizon, are pushing back, hard. Sometimes their language can seem harsh, but actually, I’ve found many radfems to be the warmest, and most inclusive people. But we [TSs&A] need to do more.

We’re genuinely small in number, and we’re quite dispersed, I think. Moreover, many TS support networks are tied up in “their” shit, we need something new. The formats #waronwomen and Womans Place UK used worked really well, something similar could be done.
We need something to get behind, to unite our efforts and give us direction; @sushingthecult previously suggested #takebacktheT, possibly that. There are so many like us out there, lost and in need of some beacon that tells them they’re not alone – @dad_gc sent one my way earlier

We are small, but we must make our presence big, work with our radfems sisters to bring and end to this madness. Bring about a platform where we take back control of our language, prevent women’s language being co-opted, absorbed, then discarded, just like ours was. I have a neo-vagina, women have vaginas. There is nothing “female” about a penis…..that’s why I got rid of mine.

I have no idea how to bring this about: I’m not well resourced nor well connected. Suggestions are welcome, and the sooner this gets underway, the better.

Ideally this would be up and running, and ideally done(ish) before schools go back after summer.

So yeah, that’s me, just in time, it’s still tomorrow…

edited 21/01/19