To All UK Transsexuals

(originally posted on Twitter 20/10/18)

As the GRA Reform consultation period comes to an end, we find ourselves in a precarious position.

Like or not, we have been thoroughly appropriated, and we must now fight for our place in society……and fight hard! And we’re gonna need help.

So if you’re like me, and sought to integrate with women, and men, rather than colonise them; have become sickened by the actions of TRAs, MRAs, and their sycophants, and want to preserve your existence, and the transsexuals of the future, then we Have to work together.

But we need some idea of what that future realistically looks like….and I’m not sure the one we all wanted [we just intergrate and get on with it] will be available: not if we want this mess fixed. However, it’s important to keep in mind our own older generation, and how all this impacts them.

We are who and what we are: I don’t see why that can’t be ok. We are transsexuals.

How we navigate the next phase of this debate will be crucial. We do have support out there so it’s not all bleak, but there may necessarily be sacrifice: be prepared.

No doubt there’s fear among us, and many will be uncomfortable, but this debate is bigger than we are, and has potential to alter how we define all of humanity moving forward: we need courage.

There are decisions to be made, and soon. I hope you, we, can come together,
in finding a way through this, and possibly help secure a safer, balanced, and secure future for us all.



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