What is “Trans”?

(originally posted on Twitter 11/10/18)

Is it just me, or is “trans” now pretty much devoid of meaning? When I started my transition, as far I was concerned, it was transsexuals who got to use “trans”…..now look at it! Look at the state of this umbrella! It’s a fucking riot!

As a result of our condition, we seemed to get a bit of protection that allowed us to go about our lives privately, and for a wee while, I thought it was working.

My understanding was we were either pre-op, post-op, or non-op. I “got” non-op for circumstances whereby the individual couldn’t get the op due to other underlying medical issues, but would otherwise be approved for it, and also for FtM where the surgery outcomes are less than favourable.

Now, while all that worked well in my head, the “proposing to undergo” part of the Gender Reassignment protected characteristic never sat right with me: how long is one allowed to be “proposing to undergo” before people start calling it out? See, I figured it MUST relate to the Real Life Experience, but I don’t think that’s actually explained. Besides, the Act specifically states “a transsexual person”. Now back to that stupid umbrella…

Now, it seems, the transvestites, cross dressers, and a growing list of various others, have appropriated not only transsexuals, but also Intersex people, in a crusade to “validate their identities”; plus, they want to remove all the the barriers in place that afforded transsexuals that little bit of protection, so they can get it too; but what is they want that for? Nothing good, it seems. Even though Self ID isn’t actually a thing yet, it seems to be in place already in many areas: and this has resulted in some of the worst excesses I’ve ever seen from the Trans-Activists and the powerful Trans-Lobby. Women receiving death threats; women’s meetings threatened with bombs; sex offenders claiming to be like me to get access to women in prisons, refuges/shelters, etc. Claiming to be “trans” to get on All Women Shortlists, and win prestigious awards for women…Philip Bunce is a part time cross dresser, nothing more.

I can’t take it anymore. For sometime now this has plagued my mind: I cannot have these people using me, my condition, to legitimise their excesses. I can no longer allow them to point to me as Justification for satisfying their fetishes and fantasies.

So yes, I did use female toilets, and occasionally used changing rooms, but I always did my best to be discrete as fuck: head down, do what you need to do, and go. I’ll concede I’ve been extremely naive about this and sincerely apologise for any distress I may have caused. I was genuinely just trying to plod on with the rest of my life; my head’s been in the clouds my whole life: I’m a dreamer.

However, for sometime now, I’ve been struggling with this: my presence is used as justification by others, and I can take it no more. The decision was brought to a head the other night, and from now on, I will be using male facilities: no more can I be used to legitimise the activities of TRAs! No longer can they point to me and claim that’s what they are.

So what does “trans” mean now? To me, nothing. It’s been stripped of any meaning it once had for me, and I’ll no longer use it to describe me or my experience. I am transsexual, that’ll never change, but “trans” is no longer adequate in describing me, since any fucker who throws on a bit of lippy seems to be able to claim it. So I’m abandoning it, I don’t know what I’ll use in its place; or whether or not it actually needs replaced…so from now on, I’m just Seven Hex.

I guess now it’s time to go big or go home, I choose go big! I doubt it’ll be easy, but if something needs done, it needs done! If transsexuals dump the term “trans” then it WILL lose its legitimacy, hopefully making it easier for women to successfully fight and win this gender war.

Peace out


edited 21/01/19

26 Replies to “What is “Trans”?”

  1. Thanks for this interesting post. As a non trans I can definitely say ‘I don’t know’ on many areas of this experience but what I do know is you are very welcome in any public loos or changing spaces I’m in. Where’s there’s compassion and respect on both sides, a willingness to listen to concerns, to safeguarding, then that’s all it needs for me at least. Thank you for thinking of many peoples feelings and I hope we can all together help each other to resolve this mess fairly and healthily. Best wishes, Sam x

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