We are a group of transsexual men and women – different human beings sharing one thing. Each of us knew early in life that something was wrong.

Physically we were defined as one sex but had internal dissonance that we were the other. It manifests to us as an overwhelming body/mind miss match, but its cause is not assumed or yet known.

Faced with this we did what most people would do confronting gender dysphoria – seek help from doctors, be examined, look for causes, try solutions and only after lengthy physical and psychological assessment consider surgical and hormonal transition to adapt our sexual characteristics.

Some of us are passing through this process. Others completed these stages decades ago. We accept our transition is an accommodation but it is the recommended medical pathway.

With safeguards this process works. We are able to live happy, productive lives and contribute to society in many ways.

Our legal rights were once few but we lived peacefully and respectfully with others and got on with our lives.

Things changed around the turn of the century when the GRA (Gender Recognition Act) was created in the UK. Parliament in 2004 was told by doctors that about 5000 transsexuals would apply. 15 years later 4910 have. So this was not reflecting a sudden fad. It was well predicted by medicine after decades of study.

Things have altered dramatically and we are very concerned. The GRA was a mutual bond of trust between us and society. For the right to be legally defined as the sex we transition into, we accept a need for lengthy assessment and gatekeeping. We also accept exemptions where in things such as refuges, shortlists and sports one on one assessment is made and we can be excluded.

Then Stonewall, a charity advising the government, promoted a ‘transgender umbrella’. We 5000 transsexuals were made one tiny part of 500,000 now defined as trans or transgender.

There is a bewildering array of others, from those who are genuinely gender confused or identify as both genders, live as cross dressers, or appear to have psychological problems. We are as puzzled by such concepts as many others.

The reason is simple – these are trans gendervariations. They come from discomfort with ability to express gender roles.

Trans sexuals are not driven by gender expression – but have dysphoria caused by rejection of their bodily sex. Its cause is not known but it produces severe distress. The important need of transsexuals to physically transition results from this cause and there is a consequent lack of necessity for physical transition for those who are trans gender.

We respect the rights of transgender people to express their lifestyle without repression.

However, gender and sex are not the same and some of those seeking to remove all gatekeeping were in the past medically excluded from the NHS transition process because they did not have this dysphoria. Different treatment protocols and protections for society may be appropriate in both cases and could be compromised if treated as being equivalent.

As such we fear safety is at risk for those transitioning unwisely without considering all options or being assessed for appropriate causes. Cases of de-transition are being reported more often when, with gatekeeping, these were rare.

We also worry about children who may be put on irreversible medication too young for them to be sure whether they are trans gender or transsexual or something else that may not require it.

Much more research is necessary but is often blocked by activism claiming it is transphobic. We regard it as nothing of the sort, but rather essential to offer better options for an insidious medical condition we wish upon nobody.

Consequently we believe that as transsexuals we cannot continue as part of this Stonewall umbrella, which, we feel, conflates a sex based medical condition with lifestyle choices and gender expression. And makes statements and decisions we disagree with profoundly.

Without claiming to know causes for either condition nor arguing that sex can be literally changed we see real dangers in equivocating things that require very different treatment and have consequences that will also impact themselves on society differently.

We feel that, in listening to this advice, government planning for self-ID into safe spaces that are currently well gatekept by psychiatrists is doing a disservice to many people – notably women and girls, the 5000 transsexuals for whom the GRA was written specifically and the many thousands of others it may inadvisably encourage to transition by making it too easy to do so.

Potentially this will have serious long term irretrievable consequences on those for whom gatekeeping may before have given time for careful thought or deterred such actions.

Therefore, the undersigned, as transsexual men and women, formally advise that we no longer wish to be considered part of the Stonewall umbrella.

At present we are 14 who have taken this stand but we believe that there are more of you ready to offer support. If you feel able please make that known. 

If you are transsexual and agree with our concerns, add your name, or a user name, initials, or just an occupation to this statement. 

Thank you.

Signed:- Amanda Dee, Emma Haywood, Jennifer Kenyon, Leanne Mills, Jenny Randles, Melissa Symes, Gillian (electronics engineer), Sarah (broadcast engineer), Sarah (university lecturer), Zia, FP (business owner), JY (support worker) & usernames – babywantsbluevelvet, Seven Hex, Rose of Dawn, Asha Britt.


      1. Sorry for any misunderstanding … my comment of “not you again” was aimed at Honey Badger. Vicious & not cute and certainly never ever cuddly!
        A right royal pain, bringing bitterness and lacking any intelligence with its comments.

      2. Misogynist. Male. You see why you’re not one of us. The moment someone makes a cogent argument against sudden demands of a minority which has twisted the dialogue beyond all recognition, you roll out the misogyny.

        Women who suffer from internalized misogyny will talk like that, sometimes but misogynist males will talk like that 100% of the time when people don’t agree with them.

        The male will to power is at the heart of it and the fact you’re modeling it, right here, tells me that this group is most certainly on the right page. YOU are not one of us.

    1. Exactly. The statement summarises my concerns too. It also highlights that shaming women and men who raise concerns about the trans umbrella are hardly transphobic, they are concerns for transsexuals in our community too ! Providing the rhetoric is along the lines of above.
      Thank you to you all and I hope more transsexual men and women will agree, speak up and join you.

  1. Thank you very much for this. Thank you for your respect and understanding. It’s utterly mutual. Thank you for uttering the words I am so scared of making public for in case of being accused of being transphobic (absolutely not, never have, never will be).
    Another grateful woman x

  2. A clear, rational setting out of your position that’s greatly appreciated. Many thanks for this intelligent contribution to the debate. Best wishes to you all.

  3. Very clearly explains the issues, and beautifully written. Its also quite heart breaking that it has come to this. A huge thank you to you all. xx

  4. Thank you. That is the most rational, the least confusing article I have read on this matter. I support your stand completely and wish there were many more who could see the basic common sense of what you are expressing.

  5. Thanks Seven for speaking up and making a case for those we’ve long considered true transexuals. The insanity of the notion that everyone is free to pick their own sex or make up a new one has got to go.

    I hope more and more people will listen to reason.

  6. Oh, thank goodness! We need to hear from the reasonable and sane trans people, instead of these lunatics who abuse women and advocate for hormonal and surgical harm of children and teens. I knew transsexuals back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and they were normal people who simply wanted to get on with life and have opportunities in work, a decent home, a social life and a family life.

    Nowadays they hate women and want to see us punched on the streets, pushed out of sports, raped in prisons, refused entry in refuges unless we centre them, to be silenced over our own bodies, refused a voice in politics, represented by them with none of our own representatives at all, pushed out of public change rooms in gyms, pools etc and politically erased as a group of people in it’s entirety. They hate us worse than any group of misogynist throughout history.

    I never thought I’d see anything this bad happen to women in my lifetime. I’m only 45 y/o and I’m seeing the rights I should have had die. I’m seeing young women scared to stand up to the fakers who aren’t transsexuals but are just cross-dressing misogynists.

    I have always fought for the rights of people to present however they like, to access medical treatments, have equal opportunity to a decent and happy life. It makes me so sad that they want us to suffer and hurt when we were always their greatest all’s.

    1. Very well said. Trans activists are the only “women” whose energy goes so strongly into erasing and shouting down and abusing women who were born women. Sorry, guys. Sex isn’t a thing of the past just because you say so.

    2. Well no wonder transmaniacs are so desperate to silence and deplatform “TERF’s”. They actually make sense and seem reasonable. It’s so ego-maniacal and misogynist that real Trans with real issues have to absorb all the abuse that the general public has for lunatics pretending to be trans and these men don’t care that real trans are hurting.

  7. Respect to all of you.I hope you all know you have the support and solidarity from many women,myself included.Thank you for taking a stand

  8. I’ve encountered many true t/s over my long life and never had any problem with them whatsoever. The new militant t/g cult has stirred up trouble where previously there was none, and you are the victims.

    Thank you for this clear explanation of the recent history. It has helped me understand more about t/s and the GRA. In fact I will copy and paste this text and save it as it may be of use in the future to explain the history, and the necessity to gatekeep, to others.

    Thank you for your bravery. I have seen the abuse you get.

  9. I am not trans at all, nor do I have a close relationship with anyone that is. But I applaud you in making this distinction between the medical gender dysmorphia and lifestyle choice or other reasonings. Two very different issues. Support you all the way.

  10. One of the saddest things about this whole mess is that trans people have been led to believe that they are hated by an ever growing group of women who simply assert that sexual dimorphism is real. I am gender critical and wear the adult human female t shirt, but i don’t hate trans people, and I feel sorry for those that believe the lies that are spread about gender critical feminists. it must be really frightening to believe that you are hated.
    You are not.

  11. There is a trans umbrella that groups together all varieties of trans but this existed long before Stonewall even started to think about trans people. To assign the umbrella to them is ridiculous. Trans people wanted to be inclusive of all trans people but that appears to be changing to a period of gatekeeping now…

    1. Does it not bother you that married men with kids and f/t jobs are calling themselves trans because they go to a club once a month dressed in drag?

  12. This statement is what I have been praying for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your measured and thoughtful response to what has become a politically motivated, hateful minefield of accusations of transphobia. I have felt for a long time that this day would have to come. All that biological women and girls want is for their own rights to be preserved, while also accepting that others have a right to express themselves in any way they choose, but without encroaching on or denying women’s and girls’ human rights as biological females to their own female-only spaces, and to preserve their biological sex, exclusively (how can the female sex include the male sex – that is not logical or fair to women and girls). The terms trans-sexual and trans-gender are wholly acceptable and real, but confusing these terms, especially in the case of ‘self-id’, with that of the biological female sex, with all of the consequences that this brings for the erosion of women’s and girl’s rights, is not logical or based in reality. The insistence by Stonewall for gender-self-id to result in any person being able to legally change their sex and birth certificate, instantly, even without any form of transitioning, goes against biology and reality and will result in harm being done to women, girls and trans-sexual and trans-gender individuals. This ill-thought-out ideology needs to be fully debated in an inclusive way, with all groups in society, before changes in the law are implemented, or before any more mistakes are made – such as are already happening in government and social services, such as the police and nhs, both of which are now ignoring women’s rights voluntarily and regularly due to fear of accusations of transphobia.

  13. Thank you so much for such clear, rational and compassionate reasons for the position you have taken regarding the Stonewall umbrella. What you say makes so much sense and shows that with goodwill and integrity we can all live in equanimity while respecting each other as unique and loving human beings.

  14. Thank you very much for this. We are an Italian feminist group and we really liked your statement- would it be ok with you if we translated it into Italian (we would, of course, cite your site as the source)? Many thanks again!

  15. Seven, as ever you are a voice of reason, proof if it were needed is the fact that other transexuals have joined you in making this statement.

    I am a transvestite man.

    I too reject the Stonewall trans umbrella. And I too understand that gatekeeping and medical intervention is required to transition.

    Which can only lead to one conclusion – Self ID would make a mockery of the concept of transition.


  16. A really measured and incisive summary of the current situation facing women and transsexuals.
    As others have said, this is so useful as it reiterates the position of Women’s Place UK, Fair Play for Women and the other organisations who question the erosion of women’s rights.
    Many of us have found ourselves in a very difficult situation; to be targeted as bigoted has caused much pain to people who have fought for decades to ensure we live in a fair and just society.
    As a lesbian I supported Stonewall in the past while always recognising that it centred gay men and that lesbians were seen as second class. I have never been part of gay culture, my sexuality is not something that defines my entire life. In the statement, you say you want to live happy, peaceful lives and contribute to society. This resonates with me, and I have been lucky enough to be able to do so.
    However, at the moment I find that I cannot be silent and witness the erasure of a whole generation of lesbians.
    The signatories to this petition are truly brave, you all understand the reaction you will face but are being true to yourselves.
    I wish you well and will stand in solidarity with you
    Thank you so much.

  17. I support your position, but please get the numbers right. No way there are 500,000 trans in the UK. 50k at most! By such mistakes you inadvertantly boost the credibility of Stonewall, Mermaids etc. Please edit your piece accordingly.

    1. We know there aren’t that many, but Stonewall suggest up to 1% of the population is trans, and that’s the advice the government and other bodies work to, and what they want the general public to believe, and that needed factoring into our statement.

      Transsexuals make up less than 0.01% of the population, but WE’RE being expected to agree these others are ‘just like us’, when they’re not. The statement is designed to show the absurdity of this 1% figure….hope that helps

  18. Thank you for such reasoned consideration of us All. As a radical feminist in Aotearoa New Zealand I am watching with parallel interest as of how this will unfold in Briton. Your voices are significant and important. Again my thanks . T

  19. Thank you! This whole thing got out of bounds when they now harass young kids into the hormone blockers. This should not be undertaken so young whether a person is trans or not (and yes, I do accept that some kids are trans). Also, the trans activists are WA-A-A-A-AY out of line with the pink and blue axes/barbed baseball bats and “I Punch TEFs T-Shirts.
    There are real transgender/transsexuals, but so many of the trans community are simple autogenophyles. When I was homeless in the early 2000s, dykes at the shelter got an autogynophile thrown out because he was harassing women who came from abuse backgrounds or were lesbians who wanted to be left alone. Another, a lovely person, whom I have no problem with as she was a true transsexual and lived quietly and quietly was not thrown out.

    I wish everyone at Sevenhex the best. You will only be better off for leaving the trans umbrella.

  20. Can I just advise that Stonewall and the Scottish Trans Alliance are in favour of having the terms transsexual and transvestite removed and both are to be replaced with transgender, in the current revision of Scottish legislation.
    This is discrimination in terms of the Equality Act, and needs some legal action to stop this trans ideology.

  21. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him.

    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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